Obasanjo Is The “Most Corrupt Leader On Earth,” Dr. Bello

Nigerian historian Dr. Sule Bello said Olusegun Obasanjo is not only the most corrupt leader in Nigeria, but the “most corrupt on Earth.”

The history professor at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria expressed disdain about what he perceives as an excessive amount of influence that Obasanjo has over President Goodluck Jonathan.

“I see somebody who is trying to do good for his country but does not seem to have gotten out of the clutch of people who are interested in their own immediate thing [gain] like Obasanjo….” stated Bello in a  critical assessment of the overall performance of President Jonathan.

Bello continued, declaring that Obansajo sent the nation into “chaos” during his presidency, yet does not receive a fair share of the blame of the present problems in the country due to ethnic prejudice against Northerners.

“Everyday it is the northern region. Everyday it is the Hausa-Fulani…these people don’t know about you and they are trying to live a decent life and out of your own ethnic chauvinism you always blame them for everything,” Bello said.

The ethnic chauvinism that Bello described is what he says is causing most of the problems in Nigeria, obstructing attempts for a peaceful dialogue with Boko Haram leaders, who according to Bello, are venting frustrations over the killing of their members and leaders since the inception of the extremist sect after the initiation of the Fourth Republic.

Additionally, “ethnic chauvinism,” according to Bello, sustains an erroneous rationale that Northerners cannot lay claim to oil wealth simply because the oil comes from the South.

The fiery interview concluded with Bello’s warning to President Jonathan that he will go down the “way of the rest” if he continues his over-reliance on foreign advice while neglecting the National Assembly, Nigerian constitution and needs of the Nigerian people.

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