Fellow Citizens!


Fellow citizens!

Please, lend me you ears and concentration for just four minutes. Now, for several years, now, I’ve had the privilege and blessing of traveling. Working with professionals, and educating students across the world (UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Greece, and counting). However, ever so often, I engage in so searching thought in South Africa, Nigeria (our homeland) and the black race in general. You see, I can seem to work out why, despite abandoned human and natural resources and exemplary achievements of Nigerian professionals abroad, our nation remains backward in all indices of human progress. Look, recently, in 1988, a statement by Pieter Willem Botha of apartheid South Africa, challenged me to tears. He said:

            “Black people cannot rule themselves, because they don’t have brains and

 mental capacity to govern a society. You give them guns, they will kill

 themselves. Give them power, they will loot the treasury. Give them independence and democracy, they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings and wars.”

(Pieter Willem Botha; 1988)

Now, fellow citizens! Let me challenge you. Have you, your leaders or governments, proved this racist South African wrong since the statement in 1988? Think about that! You see, we are the only race that is ready and willing to sacrifice meritocracy, national development and progress to favour protection of tribal and religious loyalty despite the recycling consequences before us since independence. Take a look at the literacy rate of Nigeria. At 62% national average for adult in general, and 65.1% for young adults of 15 to 24, one expects informed national decisions with positive national impact on, for example, the quality of the elected national leaders. Not really in our case. We are not moved by the economic and security realities; and human sufferings in our nations. We are not moved by the quality of our leaders, or how and why the black man is being ridiculed all over the world wide. Providing our tribe, political party or religion, controls political power. That is shameful!

Even our highly educated professionals and media outlets (North and South), keep a blind eye to the realities of the Nigerian state for tribal, religious and personal enrichment considerations. Yet, we wonder why our nation remains the poverty capital of the world. Yet, we wonder why the black race is increasingly undervalued and humiliated across the world. Who did this to us? Who did this to us? Do you ever ask this question?

Covid19 has exposed the state of our nation and the cumulative impact of the quality of our leadership over several years. Our leaders are repeating the errors of five hundred years ago when our kings and military aristocrats sold our people into slavery for mirrors and gunpowder. They failed to realize that by that decision, they had confined future generations into perpetual slavery, exploitations and abuse. Today, foreign powers are acquiring hectors of land, outright, across Nigeria and Africa for next phase of our slavery or colonisation.

Once more, our leaders are mortgaging the future, freedom, existence of bivalent and progress of generations for short and worthless stage manage and red-carpet reception, handshakes, cheap collateral loans, travel visas and personal gains. These colonising countries are not to blame for taking decisions in their own national interests. The question is: are our leaders making decisions in our own national interests? I put this to you, as a matter of urgency. We must, we must identify, develop and embrace a new breed of competent and patriotic leaders, who desire for our nations and Africa free; help Africans develop confidence in themselves, their future, their culture, their food, dress codes, and the way they walk and talk, and to take full control of their natural resources and national borders.

Please, join me to awake the national consciousness of Nigerians and Africans in general before it is too late. Share this video as a duty to your race, your country and your continent. Our lives, our future, our survival depend on our collective actions today. This video is not about me, it is about us and our future. I am playing my part. I hope you play yours. Thank you and God bless.


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Transcribed for ARADA by: Bakano A. Murtala

(July 15, 2020)

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