Africa Research and Development Agency (ARADA) is an independent non-governmental, non-profit oriented organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence and relevance in development research, public advocacy and institution- building projects for the unity and development of Africa and its people.

As a development agency its major interest is undertaking research on, and participating in social, political and economic development programmes that are relevant to the organization’s constituency and clients.


The Agency was formed by a group of concerned African scholars, and administrators, who are convinced of the need for such and institution in order to further enable African’s to actively intervene in finding solutions to the many problems facing the continent and its peoples.

For this reason, the formation of the Agency was informed by the need for original development-oriented research, geared to addressing the common problems of African countries and societies, through local initiatives that take into account wider continental and global connections.

An important dimension to the work of the Agency therefore is the development of a credible platform that will serve as a base-station for Africa’s research and public advocacy community. The founders of the Agency considerate vital that long-term investment is made towards nurturing a community built on shared experiences of pan-Africanism, commitment to the independence of African scholarship and the promotion of research relevant to the needs of Africans.

The Agency has a good number of resource persons from many of Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning. A good number of these also helped towards the formation of the organization. In addition, the Agency enjoys the goodwill and support of many other resource persons from both the public and private sectors.


ARADA was incorporated on 1st September 1997 by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As a corporate Agency it is run by duly constituted Board of Trustees in addition to an Advisory Board and a Management Team that are collectively responsible for the governance, and routine administration, of the Agency of behalf of its members.

ARADA is designed to interact with relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations that are important to its work at various levels ranging from local organization to multilateral establishments. It relies on its network of resource persons, spread all around the country, to execute most of its Projects. Its activities are run and coordinated by a body of seasoned administrative staff. Its Head Office is located at Kano, Plot 269 Maiduguri Road, Daurawa, Kano.

The Agency has since its incorporation undertaken a number of commissioned research works associated with various development programmes for different clients. It has also participated in many projects designed to promote democracy and good governance as well as many others targeted at the cultivation of good leadership for the purposes of ensuring peaceful co-existence through conflict prevention, management and resolution. It has had the benefit of working with many institutions and associates in the promotion of many other issues of interest to the development of the society in general. For example, ARADD has been involved in the development of projects and institutions designed to promote rapid financial, industrial and commercial development of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in Nigeria in general and Kano state in particular.

The organization has also served as technical consultant/partner in many projects geared toward institution and capacity building programmes in various sectors of the economy and society. Working with both public and private sector organizations it has helped to found, and manage, many projects of importance to various local, national and international interests.

The Agency has so far largely been sponsored by Professor Sule Bello except where it has jointly undertaken some projects with other local NGO’s. This is mainly due to the need to ensure it’s autonomy and independence from the sponsorship and control of governments and foreign agencies, Partnership  with professional organisations with similar interests towards sourcing funds for its activities are however vigorously being  pursued.

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